I make photographs of our ever changing environment, the people that live within it and of the things we consume each day. I aim to create engaging and honest depictions of the moments I experience and capture the beauty of everyday life.

I’m in love with the range of tones that I get when I shoot with film and my style has been greatly affected by this. I also process and scan all of my film work in-house as I find the process fascinating.

Producing short films with  photographs in combination with documentary audio enables me to engage with an increasingly web based audience delivering multimedia that not only enhances my images but also improves the viewers experience. I have gone on to teach these techniques with education establishments here in Britain and with organisations across the globe.

When I’m not working I like to explore the great outdoors on my mountain bike, make things out of wood or just sit in front of the fire with a good book. I’m passionate about supporting local businesses and producers and enjoy sourcing good quality locally produced food. Eating well is important to me and I love nothing more than spending an evening cooking for my family and friends and enjoying a meal around the kitchen table.

In 2011 I worked with photographer Rebecca Harley to create The Hinterlands, a residential photography workshop in Devon. We have now run a number of workshops in the Devon countryside that allow participants to unplug from society and immerse themselves in the learning process.

I work with a range of individuals and commercial clients locally, across the UK and abroad and am always keen to work on ideas with creative people.

I’m based in Bristol in the south-west of the UK and I use Canon, Mamiya and Bronica cameras.


The Hinterlands – Residential workshops in the heart of Devon

Fotopub – Documentary photography festival in Novo Mesto, Slovenia

#phonar – A free an open photography class at Coventry University

Instant Coffees – Photography Collective, Bristol

Rebecca Harley – Photographer & multimedia producer

Brenda Ann Kenneally – Photographer, videographer & co-creator of The Raw File

Worldfish – A member of the CGIAR consortium

Good Energy

The British Council


Boneshaker magazine